Becoming Brave Training

Unsure whether to tell your boss about your mental health challenge? Worried how friends or relatives may judge you if they knew about your diagnosis? Interested in possibly becoming a Brave Faces speaker?

Take control of your mental health story with our free, peer-led Becoming Brave training.

Based on a national curriculum, this one day training covers three primary goals:

  1. Evaluating the costs/benefits of disclosing personal experience with mental health conditions.
  2. Developing strategies for safer disclosing.
  3. Crafting one’s story into a meaningful message.

The training is tailored to fit each individual and help them answer the questions they have about disclosing their mental health experiences to others. While this training is a good first step for people interested in doing public speeches about their story, it is open and helpful for anyone.

Training details will be posted to our ‘Calendar‘ page when available.