Sam Hewitt

Portrait of Sam Hewitt

15-year-old high schooler and Redding resident Sam Hewitt shares how the death by suicide of her friend Josh two years ago affected her own mental health as well as her classmates’.

Sam is doing much better today with the help of therapy, treatment and music. She is now dedicated to preventing suicide among other Shasta County youth.

Dairrien Call

Portrait of Dairrien Call

Dairrien Call, a recent Anderson New Technology graduate, shares in his Brave Faces gallery how music, therapy and support from friends has helped him deal with depression, bullying and suicidal thoughts.

Sara Fabila

Portrait of Sara Fabila

“My addiction was a disease that needed treatment. It was not a moral failing.” Redding resident and Shasta College student Sara Fabila shares how she survived domestic violence, PTSD and addiction in her journey to recovery.

Amanda Flowers Peterson

Amanda shares how she learned to deal with anger issues that stemmed from a traumatic past, including the loss of her best friend as a teenager.

David Martinez

David Martinez playing guitar.

A Whitmore resident and Winnemem Wintu tribal member, David shares how he found peace after struggling with PTSD, racism and addiction.

Danielle Brewster

Danielle in front of Burney Falls

Shasta County resident Danielle Brewster says that depression and suicidal thoughts can have many different sources. In her Brave Faces gallery, she shares how tragedy, hurtful racism and other factors led her to a deep depression, and how the support of her family and wife, the medicine of her culture and the support of her doctor helped her to move forward and live a happier life.

Mary Graham

Portrait of Mary Graham by a creek.

Burney resident Mary Graham shares how major depression is an everyday struggle and how support from loved ones and medication has helped her greatly.

Michael Bennett

Portrait of Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett “My name’s Michael, and I live in Burney. I want people to know that I belong here. People look down on me. They think I’m one of those mental illness cases, but I’m no different than anyone else. I think I fit in better than a lot of people who don’t think there’s […]

Kay Hicks

Kay Hicks tearing up labels

Kay Hicks, a Burney resident who hates labels and believes she, and everyone else, is much more than any label.

Neil Shaw

Neil Shaw shares his story of how he contracted accumulative Post Traumatic Stress Order from his life as a Sheriff’s Deputy, how it affected his life, and how he recovered and healed himself with the help of therapy, prayer and love from friends.