Stigma and Homelessness

The reasons why a person may become homeless are many and may surprise you. Three Redding residents who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness break down stigma by shedding light on the connection between mental wellness and stable housing.

Once someone becomes homeless, how long does it take for them to find a permanent home again?

Hint: It often takes longer than 30 days.
Flyer reading: Timeline from homeless to housed

Consider Julie and Ben’s story:

Feb. 2018 – Due to health issues, Julie and Ben Harmon lose their house because they can’t afford the mortgage. They sleep in their truck for two months.
April 2018 – HHSA Social Worker Neil Young does his first intake with Julie.
April 2018 – Neil begins providing case management for Julie and Ben. He finds them temporary housing, so they’re safe.
May 2018 – Julie completes the application for a Section 8 housing voucher so they can afford rent. In this case, fortunately, the referral coming from HHSA helped Julie and Ben move up the waiting list.
July 2018 – Julie applies to be an In-Home Support Services Worker for her husband Ben, who’s suffering from dementia.
August 2018 – Julie signs the lease for their new apartment on Willis Street. HHSA’s Unsheltered Adult program provides rental assistance so they can afford it while their IHSS and Section Applications continue to be processed.
Oct. 2018 – Julie signs the contract to be an IHSS worker.
Jan. 2019 – Julie begins receiving her Section 8 housing voucher.