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Minds Matter
Mental Health Fair

Every year in May, the Minds Matter Mental Health Fair brings together service providers, artists and performers to raise awareness for mental health in Shasta County.

Minds Matter Podcast

*Coming Soon* A series of insightful and provocative conversations that delve into the world of mental health, break the bonds of stigma and illuminate all the ways healthy brains can transform our communities.

Portrait of David Wharton
Click the photo to view David's Brave Faces gallery.

To me, stigma is someone else's belief system they put on others. People fear what they do not know. They're usually stereotypes.

One thing I've had to learn is that if I want others to accept me for who I am, it is important for me to accept them for who they are and what they believe. We all have differences, we all believe different things. Loving each other is what is most important.

Why Take A Stand Against Stigma?

About half of us will have a diagnosable mental health condition within our lifetime. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t seek the help they need due to the shame and discrimination they face. Many fear being judged, and this can make it difficult for a person to open up about their mental health. Stand Against Stigma’s goal is to debunk myths about mental illness, substance use issues, suicide and suicide loss, to erase stigma. Doing so will help people in our community get the care they need to achieve what they want out of life.
Know the Truth
  • Mental health problems affect almost every family in America.
  • People living with mental illness make important contributions.
  • People who suffer a mental health crisis can recover, often through therapy, medication and support.
  • Fear of discrimination is a key barrier to seeking help.
Make a Difference
  • Learn and share the facts about mental illness, suicide and substance use.
  • Treat people who live with mental illness with dignity and respect.
  • Support community resources for people who live with mental health challenges and their friends and family.

Brave Faces

The Brave Faces Portrait Gallery and Speaker’s Bureau uses true stories of hope and recovery to fight stigma by improving our understanding of mental illness and suicide. Storytelling puts a human face on “mental illness” and trauma. It draws out commonalities, helping to eliminate the “otherness” that stigma creates. More importantly, having the courage to share a personal story creates space for others to tell theirs, making it easier to open up conversations about mental health.

Portrait of Denise Green in her kitchen.
Denise Green

Brave Faces Advocate, Denise Green, believes in living life to its fullest. In addition to being a mother, wife, homesteader, and social worker, she manages a diagnosis of schizophrenia. 

David Martinez

A Whitmore resident and Winnemem Wintu tribal member, David shares how he found peace after struggling with PTSD, racism and addiction.

portrait of cherish
Cherish Padro

New York City native and Redding resident Cherish Padro has learned to manage her bipolar diagnosis despite the stigma she faced from family and well intentioned members of her church.

Shasta County Mental Health Resources

Crisis Support
For emergency and urgent mental health needs.
Where to Start
Learn to navigate treatment services.
Community Support
Free support groups, workshops and trainings.
Quick Guide
Key resources everyone should know.

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