Brave Faces

Portrait of Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt

15-year-old high schooler and Redding resident Sam Hewitt shares how the death by suicide of her friend Josh two years ago affected her own mental health as well as her classmates’.

Sam is doing much better today with the help of therapy, treatment and music. She is now dedicated to preventing suicide among other Shasta County youth.

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Portrait of Dairrien Call

Dairrien Call

Dairrien Call, a recent Anderson New Technology graduate, shares in his Brave Faces gallery how music, therapy and support from friends has helped him deal with depression, bullying and suicidal thoughts.

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Jullie Calkins

*Full gallery coming soon* – Jullie Calkins lived through childhood trauma that later contributed to mental health and substance use challenges as a teen and as an adult. Hear how mediation and WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) helped her overcome addiction.

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Portrait of Aiden Mares

Aiden Mares

*Coming Soon* – Aiden Mares, a father and community organizer, talks about how anxiety and depression were symptoms of a more significant change he needed to live a full life – gender transition.

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Chante Catt with daughter.

Chante Catt

Chante shares how becoming a new mom flooded her with contradictory emotions – joy, anger and depression – and how she wants women to feel safe to discuss the complex emotions many experience as they become a parent.

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Mike Skondin sculpting glass

Mike Skondin

Brave Face, Mike Skondin, a U.S. Marine Veteran, talks about his experiences transitioning back to civilian life with PTSD after serving in Colombia and doing drug interdiction.

“I was constantly doing things to match the adrenaline level I experienced in combat,” says Mike. This drive attracted him and jobs with significant risk of physical injury, and led to substance abuse and two suicide attempts.

“I never wanted to die, I was in so much pain I just wanted it to stop,” said Mike, “I didn’t see another way.” Mike finally got the help he needed to recover through VA and Empire Recovery Center.

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Cherish Padro

New York City native and Redding resident Cherish Padro has learned to manage her bipolar diagnosis despite the stigma she faced from family and well intentioned members of her church.”It’s been a challenging but rewarding journey. I’ve learned how to take care of myself and make the choices that are best for me.”

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Matthew Sprenger

Matt Sprenger from Anderson shares his story of surviving a suicide attempt as a young teenager and how he is now on the path of recovery. The National Institute for Mental Health reports there are 11 people who survive a suicide attempt for every person who completes a suicide.

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Portrait of David Wharton

David Wharton

Redding resident and community organizer, David Wharton, pushed through many layers of stigma to reach a place of healing in his life. He manages his anxiety and depression with medication, counseling and volunteer service.

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Portrait of Creanna and Shellisa Moore

Creanna and Shellisa Moore

Creanna and Shellisa Moore share how depression led to a suicide attempt that deeply affected the family. Their journey to recovery and healing has been one they’ve taken together.

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David Martinez playing guitar.

David Martinez

A Whitmore resident and Winnemem Wintu tribal member, David shares how he found peace after struggling with PTSD, racism and addiction.

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Danielle in front of Burney Falls

Danielle Brewster

Shasta County resident Danielle Brewster says that depression and suicidal thoughts can have many different sources. In her Brave Faces gallery, she shares how tragedy, hurtful racism and other factors led her to a deep depression, and how the support of her family and wife, the medicine of her culture and the support of her doctor helped her to move forward and live a happier life.

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Portrait of Mary Graham by a creek.

Mary Graham

Burney resident Mary Graham shares how major depression is an everyday struggle and how support from loved ones and medication has helped her greatly.

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Portrait of Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett “My name’s Michael, and I live in Burney. I want people to know that I belong here. People look down on me. They

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Kay Hicks tearing up labels

Kay Hicks

Kay Hicks, a Burney resident who hates labels and believes she, and everyone else, is much more than any label.

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Neil Shaw

Neil Shaw shares his story of how he contracted accumulative Post Traumatic Stress Order from his life as a Sheriff’s Deputy, how it affected his life, and how he recovered and healed himself with the help of therapy, prayer and love from friends.

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