Christopher Brick

Portrait of Christopher Brick

For decades, Redding resident Christopher Brick dealt with his depression by using alcohol and drugs. After his downward spiral led to a period of homelessness, Chris started to turn his life around when he was accepted into the Good News Rescue Mission’s New Life Recovery program.

Mike Skondin

Mike Skondin sculpting glass

Brave Face, Mike Skondin, a U.S. Marine Veteran, talks about his experiences transitioning back to civilian life with PTSD after serving in Colombia and doing drug interdiction.

“I was constantly doing things to match the adrenaline level I experienced in combat,” says Mike. This drive attracted him and jobs with significant risk of physical injury, and led to substance abuse and two suicide attempts.

Tammy Hebert

Portrait of Tammy Hebert

Cassel resident and domestic violence survivor Tammy Hebert tells her story about struggling with addiction and post-traumatic stress. After multiple relapses, Tammy says counseling, keeping busy with her grandson and gardening have helped her find recovery.

Sara Fabila

Portrait of Sara Fabila

“My addiction was a disease that needed treatment. It was not a moral failing.” Redding resident and Shasta College student Sara Fabila shares how she survived domestic violence, PTSD and addiction in her journey to recovery.

Kristen McChristian

Portrait of Kristen McChristian playing with service dog.

Burney resident Kristen shares how her psychiatric service dog Kiki helps her manage her PTSD and anxiety.